All claim and fame To the Polish Housewive for this delicious soup recipe. I made a few changes here and there, to fit my tastes

This is one of my hot summer day go-to soups. I love this soup for various reasons its healthy, its refreshing and to top it off it is absolutely beautiful.

I love that first few minutes after I place the bowls in front of my guests and the absolute astonishment on their faces.

Beetroot Cold Soup

You can view the original recipe:

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  1. Prepare the beets by removing and dicing the stems up to the leaves
  2. Add the chopped stems to a large soup pot
  3. Peel and grate the remaining beet roots, add to the pan
  4. Add enough water just to cover the beets, add salt
  5. Simmer until tender, about 15 minutes
  6. Cool the beet mixture
  7. In a blender:
  8. Chill and serve garnished with the leftover Beetroot mixture, some dill/basil leaves and a hardboiled egg if you wish

Polish Housewives’ Notes

Now that I know the proper way to make this, I usually substitute two jars of grated beets for the whole beets, and simply combine all of the ingredients and chill – 10 minutes max prep time.

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